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Monthly Online Men's Gathering - Everything 3rd Wednesday - 6 PM PST / 8 PM CST
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Special Message from Pastor Ronnie

Mark your calendars for a transformative evening at our monthly online men's gathering, scheduled for the third Wednesday of the month, at 8 PM CST and 6 PM PST. This session, led by Pastor Ronnie Holderby, promises an enlightening experience titled "Uncovering the Riches of Scripture."

Dedicated to empowering men in their spiritual journey, this event focuses on the crucial skill of reading and understanding the Bible independently. With his profound knowledge and experience, Pastor Holderby will guide us through effective approaches to biblical interpretation.

The evening will involve engaging discussions on how to approach various genres within the Bible, understand historical and cultural contexts, and apply biblical wisdom to our daily lives. This gathering represents a vital opportunity for men seeking to deepen their biblical understanding and develop a more personal and meaningful relationship with God’s word. It's a chance to connect with fellow believers, share experiences, and support each other in our faith journey.

Registration is required for this special event. Sign up now for an enriching evening that will equip you with the tools to read and interpret the Bible with confidence and clarity.

Let’s pray that this gathering enlightens our hearts and minds, guiding us to engage with God's word with discernment and passion. We seek to grow in wisdom and faith, drawing closer to Him in our daily walk.

Pastor Ronnie Holderby will open the event in prayer, setting the stage for a night of deep spiritual engagement. We will explore the power of stories and teachings, examining how our understanding and reactions can affect our spiritual growth. Through insightful analysis and real-life applications, we'll discover the importance of being receptive and yielding fruit through our faith and actions.

This gathering is not just about learning but about applying these lessons to our lives, encouraging one another in our walk with Christ, and being sowers of the seed in all conditions we encounter. Join us for a night of fellowship, learning, and spiritual growth.

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About Your Guest Speaker and Host

Ronnie Holderby
Ordained Pastor and Elder

Rick Holderby is a dedicated disciple who focuses on nurturing and empowering impactful men of God to become spiritual servant leaders in their families, workplaces, churches, and communities. His mission revolves around guiding men into a deep and authentic relationship with Jesus Christ.

In his various roles, Rick takes on leadership positions, guiding the way as an IronMen Disciple's Path Group Leader and the author of several publications, including "New Life in Christ," "IronMen Disciple's Path Next Step Study," and "IronMen Disciple's Path MAP Study 101" and "IMDP Leader Guide 101."

Alongside his passion for mentoring, Rick has been happily married to his wife, Darlene, for over 48 years, and they have two adult children together. As a Texas native, he also has a great love for baseball.

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