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Explore your spiritual journey through interactive and thought-provoking online sessions.

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Join a community of like-minded brothers striving to strengthen their faith and understanding.

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Deepen your biblical understanding with focused and enriching study sessions.

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Our online community is a private online space specifically designed for men seeking deeper connections, spiritual growth, and a supportive fellowship. This platform is more than just a community; it's a sanctuary where you can be open, honest, and grow alongside like-minded individuals.


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Soul Room

Within this space, spiritual leaders can engage in self-examination, prayer, and contemplation, cultivating a deeper relationship with God. Miller's teaching on the "Soul Room" encourages leaders to prioritize this inner journey, recognizing that effective leadership flows from a strong spiritual core.

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Experiencing God

The study is designed around seven key realities that teach readers how to cultivate a relationship with Christ and actively respond to His guidance. By employing a unique blend of Biblical principles, real-life examples, and thoughtful exercises, "Experiencing God" fosters a deeper faith and encourages participants to see God at work in all aspects of life.

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How To Read The Bible For All It's Worth

A comprehensive guide that equips readers with tools to understand the Bible more deeply. If you're planning to take this Bible study, you'll learn how to navigate various biblical genres and interpret passages in their proper context. The study emphasizes the importance of understanding the original intention of the text, considering its historical and cultural background.

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Pastor, Ronnie Holderby

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Pastor, George Runyan

Curriculum Leader/Mentor

Elder, Rick Holderby

Curriculum Leader/Mentor



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